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compiling 'make' w/o 'make' (?)

From: address@hidden
Subject: compiling 'make' w/o 'make' (?)
Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2007 12:48:03 -0800
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Now that I am trying to install Debian from a CD, I found that the
network  card was not supported,  I read that some dude had found a
driver for the NIC in a MSI-M662 laptot, I myself don't know what kind
of NIC is in this machine, I am going by what the dude claims.
However, after downloading the alleged driver, I had to compile it,
for that I need to have 'make', but this machine does not have the
make program, after downloading it from the GNU' FTP site, I found out
that I also have to build this program using 'make'.
As you can see I am in a vicious circle, can anyone help me get out of


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