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Re: About debugging constructors

From: Piotr Sawuk
Subject: Re: About debugging constructors
Date: 01 Oct 2007 23:41:58 GMT

In article <>,
        "" <> writes:
> MY platform is Linux, RH3
> I forgot to mention that, the GDB is showing some other file too.
> Actually, I am working on a huge compiler that creates an exectuable.
> I am running the executable, which is a pure object code and will some
> time call, the ctors. Now the solution to compile all the
> problem file doing the #include of the header file having the
> constructor will be a bit of work. it will take a lot of time for me
> to do so.
> No the ctor is not inlined

just a stupid answer: if your class is in some header-file, then
any code therein will be inlined anyway. further, for me it did
help to move the class-definition over to the c++-file making
use of it, and suddenly I where able to set breakpoints which
actually stop execution...
Better send the eMails to, as to
evade useless burthening of my provider's /dev/null...


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