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Setting hardware breakpoint in gdb (g++-4.2)

From: mathieu
Subject: Setting hardware breakpoint in gdb (g++-4.2)
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 13:15:45 -0000
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  I think I misunderstood how to set hardware breakpoint in gdb. I
would usually do:

gdb> hb *((int*)0x0123456)

  For some reason this is not working anymore:

(gdb) p output.MTime.ModifiedTime
$14 = 1339
(gdb) p &output.MTime.ModifiedTime
$15 = (long unsigned int *) 0x80da27c
(gdb) hb *0x80da27c
Hardware assisted breakpoint 8 at 0x80da27c
(gdb) n
218       import->Delete();
(gdb) p output.MTime.ModifiedTime
$17 = 1679
(gdb) p *0x80da27c
$18 = 1679

So the value was changed but the hardware breakpoint never reacted...


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