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Re: automatic link specification

From: Piotr Sawuk
Subject: Re: automatic link specification
Date: 23 Sep 2007 23:12:47 GMT

In article <>,
        Paul Pluzhnikov <> writes:
> AlfC <> writes:
>>  Is there any way to tell g++ to link to specific libraries from
>> within the source code,
> No. 
> Why do you think it's a good idea to be able to do this?
> Cheers,

I agree, it should be the responsibility of the IDE to do such things.
IMHO Ultimate++ ( is much better fit for "skript-like" c++
coding: it provides a boost-alike lib, and the concept of modularized
compilation: each project is composed of multiple packages, and each
package does store such things as lib-requirements and compiler-flags.
so, in order to use AlfC's code one only needs to select it from a
list of packages, and the linking is taken care of by the IDE. installation
of missing libraries isn't implemented there though, but at least it's
cross-plattform that way...

btw, I appologize for my enthusiasm, I'm not responsible for Ultimate++
though. therefore: what do other c++ programmers think of this project?
Better send the eMails to, as to
evade useless burthening of my provider's /dev/null...


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