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G++/C++ Static-Analysis

From: address@hidden
Subject: G++/C++ Static-Analysis
Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2007 20:51:50 -0700
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Looking to have some ideas/thoughts, how to start implementing Static-
Analysis for C++/G++ on gcc-4.3. Some of the key issues which I know
are -

(a) Which are the GCC/G++ front-end files to be focussed?
(b) Warn whenever an unreachable code is detected?
(c) Detailed analysis - root functions, functions, globals, macros,
(d) Which members are declared or defined by a given base class?
(e) Which methods are overridden by a given derived class?
(f)  Which classes use a given method?
(g) Which members are used by a given class?
(h) Which classes contain a given class?
(i)  Warn if local variables are not assigned before being used?

Please help me also with list of other issues in performing C++ Static-


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