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Debug output

From: Christian Christmann
Subject: Debug output
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 12:25:50 +0100
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in the previous days I've seen a posting where someone compiled
his code with 
        c++ -O2 -Wall -fconserve-space -ggdb

The code looked like this:
cout << "Starting" << endl;
for (sptr = l, pch = l;
 (strchr(pch, ';') ?
  pch = strchr(pch, ';') :
  pch = strchr(pch, '\r')) > 0;
      sptr = ++pch)
    *pch = 0;
           cout << sptr << endl;

When the operator executed the code, he get this debug

% keramida@kobe:/tmp/foo$ ./a.out
% Starting
% l=0xbfbfe8a0, pch=0xbfbfe8a5
% hello
% l=0xbfbfe8a0, pch=0xbfbfe8ab
% world
% l=0xbfbfe8a0, pch=0xbfbfe8b0
% this

When I compile my code with the same options and execute it,
I don't get this detailed output with all the addresses. Any
ideas how to get it?


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