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struct member initialization

From: ferns-paanakker
Subject: struct member initialization
Date: 2 Jan 2007 02:54:01 -0800
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Hi g++ experts,

First of all, happy new year and the best wishes for 2007!
I get a warning in g++ when I use a struct which I don't initialize in
the member initialization, but in the constructor itself.
To correct this I want to perform member
initialization, but I have no idea how to do this correctly.
Some example code (from the top of my head):

typedef struct MyDate
unsigned short year;

unsigned short month;
unsigned short day;
} MyDate;

        MyDate date;

void MyTest::MyTest() :
  date.year(0) -> this doesn't work. What syntax should i use?
  /*  This works, but generates the warning because date is not
initialized in the member initialization
        date.year = 0;
        date.month = 0; = 0;

I hope someone can help.

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