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Re: How to allocate memory for a fixed size array

From: vfunc
Subject: Re: How to allocate memory for a fixed size array
Date: 22 Sep 2006 15:29:57 -0700
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Paul Pluzhnikov wrote:
> writes:
> > How do I allocate memory for a large (10,000+) fixed size array ?
> Any way you wish:
>   malloc(size);
>   mmap(0, size, ... MAP_ANON, ...);
>   std::vector<...> v(size);
> > In this case complexity is critical so I do not
> > want to use std:vector or some other dynamic structure.
> Come again?

I mean fixed (like an old school array) instead of dynamic like a
linked list, heap, skip list, etc, etc.. or whatever on earth
std::vector is equivalent to.  See my post on comp.lang.c++, actually
don't bother.

Thanks your answer was succinct, although neither..

const size_t mysize = 10000;
typedef std::vector<f> fvec(mysize);

typedef std::vector<f> fvec;

class g
fvec f(mysize);

would compile for me.

Apologies for the off topic c++.

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