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Re: dynamic_cast problem yet again

From: Earl Purple
Subject: Re: dynamic_cast problem yet again
Date: 14 Sep 2006 07:40:11 -0700
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Earl Purple wrote:

> Now I'm back to a debug build with 3.2.1
> This won't link:
>       ${BUILD} ${INCLUDES} ${SOURCE} ${LIBPATH} ${LIBS} -Wl,-E -o ${TARGETS}
> /usr/ccs/bin/ld: illegal option -- E
> usage: ld [-6:abc:d:e:f:h:il:mo:p:rstu:z:B:CD:F:GI:L:M:N:P:Q:R:S:VY:?]
> file(s)
> So if I can't use -Wl,-E what am I supposed to do to get dlopen and
> dynamic_cast to work properly? I am opening with RTLD_GLOBAL

Actually it seems to work even without this option. My failed cast I
got was actually because it was a bad cast.

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