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Re: Out of memory

From: Paul Pluzhnikov
Subject: Re: Out of memory
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2006 09:18:02 -0700
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Christian Christmann <> writes:

> when I try to compile a larger project with g++ version 3.3.2, I get 
> the error message:
> cc1plus: out of memory allocating 2173282016 bytes after a total of
> 49479680 bytes

gcc is trying to allocate 2GB, which is unlikely to be
required to compile anything; so you've likely stumbled
on a gcc bug.

Try a newer version of gcc.

> I've 2 GB RAM and 1 GB SWAP on my Linux machine, so 3 GB should
> actually be sufficient.

In a typical Linux configuration, single process can
not allocate more than about 1.5GB due to memory layout
restrictions. [However this varies widely from distribution
to distribution and from version to version.]

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