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Re: Problem while linking .a file

From: Paul Pluzhnikov
Subject: Re: Problem while linking .a file
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2006 07:48:25 -0800
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"Nithya" <> writes:

> I encountered a problem when compiling ...

No, you didn't. You encountered a problem *linking* ...

> The program uses a thrid party library file(.a) and when
> linking it to the program with -l option i get a error stating:
> ld: elf error: file library.a(lib_obj.o): elf_strptr: Request error: no 
> string table
> As this error states there is no string table associated with one of
> the .o file archived to the library.

You should contact the third party and ask them why they put an
invalid object into their library.

You can also remove that object:

  ar dv library.a lib_obj.o

and re-try your link. 

If the lib_obj.o wasn't necessary to begin with, your link will succeed.
If it was necessary, the link will fail and you have no other choice
but to get a fixed version of library.a from the third party.

> And i have no idea what Format error is supposed to mean....

It means that the linker couldn't figure out what 'lib_obj.o' is
(apparenly it's not an ELF object file).

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