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Re: g++ still doesn't suppor export keyword ?

From: William Xuuu
Subject: Re: g++ still doesn't suppor export keyword ?
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 00:10:29 +0800
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Ulrich Eckhardt <> writes:

> There is currently only one compiler that supports export, and the general
> consensus after implementing it(which took several man years!) was that it
> wasn't worth it. Honestly, that feature, though standardised, hasn't been
> thought through to the end, and now that people are smarter might even be
> removed from one of the next C++ standards, see[1].
> Sorry, it's not going to happen.
> If your code is too large and you fear code bloat, it is common practice to
> only declare the bigger parts of it in the header and define them in a
> separate file(ending is usually .icc or .inl). The user then needs to
> include that file in one(!) of their translation units and explicitly
> instantiate the version they need, see also the FAQ at parashift's.
> Uli
> [1]

Hmm, i see. Thanks. To remove it might not be a bad thing, as c++ has
introduced so many new keywords already. 

William Xuuu

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