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what is this error?

From: Gav Wood
Subject: what is this error?
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 15:58:15 +0000
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hi all,

i'm trying to compile (fairly simple) code that uses inheritance:

it looks like this:

namespace geddei {
        class Processor: ...
                Processor(const QString &type): ... {}

class NProcessor: virtual public geddei::Processor, ...
        NProcessor(const QString &type, int a): Processor(type), ... {}

class TMO: public NProcessor
        TMO(): NProcessor("TMO", 1) {}

the error i'm getting is:

/home/gav/Projects/geddei/src/tests/testmulti.cpp:388: error: no matching
function for call to `geddei::Processor::Processor(const <anonymous>**)'
/home/gav/Projects/geddei/src/geddei/processor.h:112: error: candidates are:
geddei::Processor::Processor(const geddei::Processor&)
/home/gav/Projects/geddei/src/geddei/processor.h:561: error:
geddei::Processor::Processor(const QString&)

the error points to the TMO constructor line: if i comment out the class
TMO, it compiles fine. i dont see why this is, since TMO doesn't (directly)
refer to Processor.

i also have no idea where the "const <anonymous>**" is coming from.

could it be something to do with my virtual inheritance?

any other ideas?



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