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Re: Supported Locales

From: Jeffrey Holle
Subject: Re: Supported Locales
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 21:05:57 -0800
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The question that you ask is also somemthing that I wish to know.
One possible enlightment is typing 'locale -a' at a linux command line.
This prints a lot of options.

The results could be correct in that my LANG enviroment variable is "en_US", which is the approbriate selection for myself of the above options.

However, I've presently found no evidence that gcc 3.2 supports I18N functionality.

My research in this area is limited to:
   # include <iostream>
   using namespace std;
   int main(void)
      try {
         cout << 19.99 << '\t' << fixed << 1000000 << endl;
      } catch (...) {
         cerr << "Caught exception" << endl;

The good news is this compiles.  However:
This should print:
   19,99        1.000.000
but it prints:
   19.99        1000000

Another thing I've noted is that one can place anything one wishes instead of "deutsch" without incuring an exception, or any other error. So the positive feedback that my coding attempted to provide is quite needed to draw any conclusions...

Gustavo Guerra wrote:

What locales does gcc support in addition to "C"? What are their names?

Gustavo Guerra

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