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help with Solaris gcc2.8.1 compiler

From: Laudel, Ken
Subject: help with Solaris gcc2.8.1 compiler
Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 10:16:11 -0800


I inherited a C++ program which was written in the mid ninetees and
developed on the PC in Visual C++. I am supposed to make modifications
and get it compiled and running on a Solaris workstation. The compiler I am
using is Solaris gcc2.8.1 (help shows "GNU tools -  last changes 1993"). 
Everything compiles correctly and runs. The only problem I have is when the
program tries to create a data file with a filename >32 characters. It will
the file without truncating any characters, but no data gets written into
the file.
If I make the filename one character less, everything works fine. It does
seem to be a problem inherent in the code, since I can run the code on the 
PC and it works with the longer filenames.
In addition, other applications I use on the workstation, such as MATLAB, 
have no problem creating data files with filenames comprised of >32
I am guessing there is some sort of compiler switch I can use to enable 
longer filenames (?). Any insight/help/things to try would be greatly

Thank You,

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