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From: Chi-Yin Hsu
Subject: g++v3
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2001 19:18:45 -0500


I just build g++v3 and stlport-1031 on solaris 2.8 platform.

I had an application which was built by g++ 2.95.2 and stlport 4.0 and has
been running in the productin for about 4 months.

When I re-complied it using g++v3, and stlport-1031, I got link error below
which did not occur with the older versions of g++ and stlport.

make -k -f makefile oqs
/home/chsu/local_2/bin/g++ -I.  -I/home/chsu/dev/utility  -I/home/chsu/src/s
tl_1031/STLport-1031/stlport  -I/apps/tibco9.2.11/rel_s4_56/include  -I/home
/chsu/local_2/include/g++-v3 -g -D_REENTRANT    -pipe -fPIC  -Wall -Wpointer
-arith -L/home/chsu/dev/utility/exec  -L/home/chsu/src/stl_1031/STLport-1031
/lib  -L/apps/tibco9.2.11/rel_s4_56/lib   -L/home/chsu/local_2/lib OQLog.o
OQServerError.o  OQServer.o  OQContext.o  OQSubscription.o
OQSubscriptionOne.o  OQOption.o  OQTek.o  OQSnapshot.o  OQTimer.o
OQSingleQuote.o  OQSurface.o  OQTibcoForm.o  OQSignal.o  OQSingleTick.o

options.o  -lUtility  -lTib  -lsocket -ldl -lgen -lnsl -lposix4 -lstlport_gc
c -lstdc++ -lm  -o oqs
Undefined                       first referenced
 symbol                             in file
__pure_virtual  /apps/tibco9.2.11/rel_s4_56/lib/libTib.a(TibCom.o)

libTib.a is Reuter's market data information bus library.

Why would the new g++v3 is not able to link with static c library?

Chi-Yin Hsu
cell: (610)-637-2694
fax:  (610)-491-1700

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