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Template Instantiation

From: Twomey Sean-stwome01
Subject: Template Instantiation
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 11:57:52 +0100


I am currently trying to compile code into static libraries using the 
-fno-implicit-templates and explicitly instantiating the templates in source 
code. However, these libraries need to be used by other code that currently 
uses the -frepo option to instantiate the templates, that it uses. As a result, 
in the existing code that is now using the new libraries, I get hundreds of 
multiple define errors. I have limited access to the original source code and 
hence am not allow to explicitly instantiate the templates that it uses and I 
do need to use explicit instantiations in the new libraries (to solve another 
bug). Does anybody know how I might achieve this or even where I might find 
information on combining frepo code with fno-implicit-templates code.

Thanking you,

Seán Twomey
Motorola Ireland Ltd.
Tel. +353 21 4511433

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