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Throw exception in signal handler

From: karsten Burger
Subject: Throw exception in signal handler
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 20:48:07 +0200

Dear colleagues,

I'm just porting software from HP-UX to LINUX.
The following problem occurred:
on the HP system the usual signals (SIGTERM, SIGSEGV, ...) were handled
by a signal handler function, where appropriate exceptions where thrown.
This lead then to the printout of a exception handler stack with the
complete call-path, i.e. one could see exactly in which function the
signal occurred, and which functions had called the function where the
signal occurred.
The same software on the LINUX OS behaves differently: the exception
raised in the signal handler is caught, and therefore no exception
handler stack / caller-path is printed out.
I could find no documentation on this topic in the usual online
documentations or the gcc manual.
Does anybody know this problem ?

Greetings, and many thanks ... K. Burger

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