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Re: If FOSS isn't your number one concern, why use IceCat?

From: Narcis Garcia
Subject: Re: If FOSS isn't your number one concern, why use IceCat?
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2019 17:55:18 +0100

I install and recommend IceCat to many devices and people because most
of preconfiguration/customization job is done, and this allows
unexperienced users to better trust an application without worrying
about some matter (foss/security/privacy).

Just install package and run.

El 20/11/19 a les 17:12, Haniho Dude ha escrit:
> This is indeed great news; it fully addresses the original concern that
> made me ask my questions. However, it does not answer the questions
> themselves:
>   * Other than the components that exist only to make IceCat FOSS and
>     the addons that any Firefox user can obtain, *what does IceCat offer
>     that cannot be obtained by using a privacy-hardened user.js file?*
>     Making the time to study ghacks
>     <> and build your own
>     user.js is the most extreme example and probably the closest to
>     Narcis Garcia's point, but the examples in my original email are
>     little more than copy and paste jobs.
>   * If one has already hardened their user.js and does not prioritise
>     FOSS, is there any reason to run the MakeIceCat script?
> Unfortunately, with Project Fission in mind, there is still some
> difficulty in deciding between hardening (non-ESR) Firefox and using GNU
> IceCat. I would like to be sure of the facts before I make any
> comparisons or try to convince others of the merits of IceCat.
> Thanks again.
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> *Subject:* Re: If FOSS isn't your number one concern, why use IceCat?
> This is great news! Thanks in advance to all three of you new
> co-maintainers for devoting your time! :)

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