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[help-gnutrition] GNUtrition Test Release

From: Jason Self
Subject: [help-gnutrition] GNUtrition Test Release
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 16:14:03 -0400

A test release of GNUtrition is now available.

The test release can be found on (via HTTP) (via FTP)

This release is intended to address a bug where recipes are not saved to
the MySQL database. Testing is appreciated:

1) Follow the existing INSTALL directions to see that the MySQL database
gets correctly setup; both from a 'clean' MySQL install and with an existing
MySQL database. I seem to recall that from a clean MySQL install it worked
but if you already had MySQL installed then following the instructions
resulted in a Python exception.

2) Verify a recipe can be saved, quit the program, and upon a restart pull
up the saved recipe.

Jason Self
Project Maintainer
GPG Key: 47486962

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