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[help-gnutrition] GSoC projects

From: Simos Xenitellis
Subject: [help-gnutrition] GSoC projects
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 16:33:25 +0200

Are any of these GSoC project ideas still pending?

>From what I saw in the code,
1. GNUtrition is now in C
2. Switched to SQLite
3. The food database is in version S23 (latest is S24).

Are there any task available for GSoC?
(I am looking to suggest work for students, not for myself).

What I saw is missing is additional l10n support
a. Localise food names.
b. Localise food ingredient names.
c. UI and usability fixes (i.e. show ingredient details as table, not
plain text).

Is that sufficient for a GSoC project?


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