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[help-gnutrition] Cannot save

From: Phil Toms
Subject: [help-gnutrition] Cannot save
Date: Sat, 08 Oct 2011 18:01:08 -0400
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Hi Guys,
I've just installed gnutrition 0.6 on Scientific Linux 6.
Everything seems to be working ok except for saving data.

When I hit save after entering a food item in the plan;

"The old plan will be overwritten by the new one". "Are you sure you want to do

I notice that in the shell from which I started gnutrition it says "No Result"
every time I try to save.

I opened the SQL database and can see that it did originally store my name in
the 'people' table so I guess write access to the MySQL database must be ok.

I see the same behaviour with recipes.

Any ideas?

Also - is there anyway to add more than one user profile?


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