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Re: network from scratch

From: t3sserakt
Subject: Re: network from scratch
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2022 09:19:38 +0000


Message: 2
Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2022 15:45:15 +0000
To: Martin Schanzenbach <>
Subject: Re: network from scratch
Message-ID: <Y1/>
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Aha so adding -f to the gnunet-peer -s -g makes it output the hello.

And that URI is accepted by gnunet-peer -p

Now the peer is listed with gnunet-peer (-f) 

Now peer A and B has both peer A and B in their peerinfo lists.

However, the peer A is still not being sent by the hostlist (after retstarting
the nodes), still only the Y924 is being sent.

Then I changed the URIs from gnunet://hello-friend to gnunet://hello.
Now the peers get sent with the hostlist.

I do not get why - in F2F mode - you are doing that. What is the content of friends.txt?

Can you please elaborate more on your use case.

I must admit, that I never tried out the F2F mode.

However, peer B still does not connect to peer A during bootstrap, in spite of
getting the peer info.

Also of note:

1. If I restart the peer A, again only Y924 is seems to be
left in the peerinfo db - that is, only Y924 is being sent to B.

2. After achieving connection, if I restart the nodes they don't
reconnect automatically.


So to summarize, to connect I can do:

PEER=`gnunet -s -g -f -c peer1.conf | sed s/hello-friend/hello/g`
gnunet -p $PEER

BUT the association does NOT seem to persist across sessions.

"In the pure "friend-to-friend" mode, your peer will ONLY connect to peers from a list of friends specified in the configuration." [1]

In pure F2F mode the hostlist server does not matter. Also the peerstore does not. Only your friends.txt file. At least that's what I read from documentation.

- t3sserakt


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