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Re: Determining whether gnunet is connected

From: Fungilife can be eternal
Subject: Re: Determining whether gnunet is connected
Date: Fri, 04 Mar 2022 12:46:22 +0000

> Hi Fungilife,
> What exactly are you having problems with? I maintain the AUR package, and I 
> would like to fix it if there is a problem. What is the “crucial setup 
> information” that is hidden? The AUR package should work out of the box by 
> just launching `sudo systemctl start gnunet`.

No, this is what I am saying, it is just as easy on Arch getting the very 
latest version built and installed, it is not a debian old version issue, but 
since it is so easy in some distros to install everything, going back to the 
site you tend to skip the "Installation" documentation, which is much more than 
just installation, it is initial setup as well as "post-installation".

The rest of the documentation is way too theoretical and requires way too much 
study to make any sense to the uninitiated. My message was that it is not a 
package version problem as much as how the maze of documentation is arranged.

Again, GnuNet's first page needs:

Why GnuNet ?     No particular reason it seems.
How?             Too complex, why do we need more networking?
Who?             It says Gnu, so it must be Gnu people doing it, not easy to 
get involved with them.

Documentation can only be as effective as the motive it presents to read any 

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