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Re: [Help-gnunet] GNS future

From: ng0
Subject: Re: [Help-gnunet] GNS future
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2019 14:54:40 +0000

Hi Alexandre,

Alexandre Garreau transcribed 3.2K bytes:
> Hello,
> I just found this article (in french, for those able to read it):
> I’m enjoyed to see GNS gains in interest, and think to keep supporting
> old ICANN DNS name for compatibility!
> However I have two questions currently:
> Is there really a rewritting going to happen in rust? Is it going to
> become the official implementation?

Someone (bernd fix?) is writing a separate implementation of gnunet in Go.
We have rust-bindings, and bindings for other languages (some of us
are working on Nim-bindings for their own work). 
Personally I'd advocate against making anything rust a full replacement
until rust supports more platforms and is less problematic to integrate
into operating systems.
So far C is our language of choice. If you are interested in reasons from
around 2015 why C, there's a thread here:

>  Will a Rust frontend be added to
> gcc? otherwise isn’t this a problem given the sortof rivalry between GNU
> and LLVM which purposedly allows, supports and now *has* contributing to
> create proprietary languages (such as Swift, iirc)?

Given that GCC only recently added a D frontend, I'm not optimistic.

I leave the rest of replies to people more knowledged about current
> What about graph- rather than tree(hierarchy)-based reference system?
> for instance if I want,,, to point to the
> same thing, how might that be used (I had difficulty formulating this
> question since the first time I learnt about GNS, in 2013)?  Would there
> be some anti-redundance system to ensure for instance and
> point to the same thing (because otherwise keeping the distinction
> between and might be a problem)?

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