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Re: GNU make variables??

From: Gisle Vanem
Subject: Re: GNU make variables??
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 20:05:51 GMT

men, if they cannot be Christians. Finally, let them recognise that
there are two kinds of people one can call reasonable; those who serve God
with all their heart because they know Him, and those who seek Him with all
their heart because they do not know Him.

But as for those who live without knowing Him and without seeking Him, they
judge themselves so little worthy of their own care, that they are not
worthy of the care of others; and it needs all the charity of the religion
which they despise, not to despise them even to the point of leaving them to
their folly. But because this religion obliges us always to regard them, so
long as they are in this life, as capable of the grace which can enlighten
them, and to believe that they may, in a little time, be more replenished
with faith than we are, and that, on the other hand, we may fall into the
blindness wherein they are, we must do for them what we would they should do
for us if we were in their place, and call upon them to have pity upon
themselves, and to take at least some steps in the endeavour to find light.
Let them give to reading this some of the hours which they otherwise employ
so uselessly; whatever aversion they may bring to the task, they will
perhaps gain something, and at least will not lose much. But as for those
who bring to the task perfect sincerity and a real desire to meet with

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