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Re: VPATH question

From: Ishan
Subject: Re: VPATH question
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 22:03:19 GMT

the same nature, and has not been attended with
any extraordinary circumstances, excepting such as are analogous to the
extraordinary degree of it before described. And God's people who were
formerly converted have now partaken of the same shower of divine
blessing-in the renewing, strengthening, edifying, influences of the
Spirit of God-that others have in His converting influences; and the
work here has also been plainly the same with that of other places which
have been mentioned, as partaking of the same blessing. I have
particularly conversed with persons about their experiences, who belong
to all parts of the country, and in various parts of Connecticut, where
a religious concern has lately appeared; and have been informed of the
experiences of many others by their own pastors.

It is easily perceived by the foregoing account, that it is very much
the practice of the people here, to converse freely one with another
about their spiritual experiences; which many have been disgusted at.
But however our people may have, in some respects, gone to extremes in
it, it is, doubtless, a practice that the circumstances of this town,
and neighboring towns, have naturally led them into. Whatsoever people
have their minds engaged to such a degree in the same affair, that it is
ever uppermost in their thoughts, they will naturally make it the
subject of conversation when they get together, in which they will grow
more and more free. Restraints will soon vanish, and they will not
conceal from one another what they meet with. And it has been a practice
which, in the general, has been attended with many good effects, and
what God has greatly blessed amongst us: but it must be confessed, there
may have been some ill consequences of it; which yet are rathe

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