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Re: A good open-source source version control system?

From: Randy Yates
Subject: Re: A good open-source source version control system?
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 22:09:09 GMT
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address@hidden (Karl Berry) writes:

>     Anyone know of such a beast, one that will run under cygwin?
> There are several.  The one of longest-standing is CVS (
> I've also been pretty happy with subversion (,
> which fixes a number of CVS's longstanding annoyances.  I believe both
> of these work on Cygwin.
> There are plenty of others, too, the above are just the two I am most
> familiar with.
> karl

Thanks for the suggestion, Karl. I have installed svn and TortoiseSvn.
There are a few things I don't care for in the version control system,
for example, the possibility of a file change versions when it hasn't
changed, the way the directory structure is forced (or highly
encouraged) into "trunks" and "branches", and the lack of a "view"
mechanism. Maybe I've got some of this wrong since I've only 
quickly reviewed the system. I come from a Clearcase background.

Any other ideas?
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