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Re: gnumake 3.78.1 vs. 3.79.1: Directory as File Error?

From: Paul D. Smith
Subject: Re: gnumake 3.78.1 vs. 3.79.1: Directory as File Error?
Date: 04 Apr 2005 16:14:47 -0400
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%% Randy Yates <address@hidden> writes:

  ry> Maybe I responded too hastily. Whether I do "dir c:/mydir" or "dir
  ry> c:/mydir/" Windows will find the directory (file), no?

I'm not sure since I don't have/use Windows systems.  My understanding
is that in some, but not all, places Windows makes a distinction between
pathnames that contain trailing slashes and those which don't.

There is a patch applied to the CVS version of GNU make, for example,
that strips trailing slashes off of -C arguments because things don't
work properly on Windows if this is not done.

If you want more details you might have more luck asking on the
address@hidden mailing list; folks who use GNU make on Windows tend to
hang out there.

 Paul D. Smith <address@hidden>          Find some GNU make tips at:            
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