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gmake exit codes

From: Mark Brandyberry
Subject: gmake exit codes
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 10:32:12 -0500

I am running a simple Perl script to build our code several ways each night.
Something like:

system("gmake <options>");
system("gmake clean");
system("gmake <different options>");


There are 30 different builds, and most of them work fine, and gmake returns
"0" as expected.  However, randomly (it seems), gmake appears to be
returning "512" for 2 to 4 of the builds, and there doesn't seem to be a
pattern of which ones will fail on any given night.  Worse, if I go and
build the same source base by hand using the same options, it will always
build fine.

The gnu make docs say that gmake will always return 0, 1, 2.  Should it ever
be returning "512" to me? If so, what would it mean?


Mark Brandyberry

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