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From: .....
Subject: Letter
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 05:46:50

Dear Sir,

I know you will be surprise to receive this letter but please consider it as a 
request from a suffering family in serious need of your assistance.

My family had to bring before you this proposal because we sincerely hope you 
will be reliable to assist us. Anyway, my i am from Zimbabwe.My father was 
ordered to be killed by President Robert Mugabe because he supported the white 
farmers who refused to give up their lands in Zimbabwe during the land reform 
crisis in the country.

After the death of my father,I am my family fled to South Africa, from where I 
was able to travel to the Netherland where I applied for asylum and I am 
currently living as a refugee.

We need your assistance to claim $15 Million US Dollars from a security company 
in the Netherlands, which my father deposited there before he died.You will 
claim this fund from the Company and transfer it to your country, after which 
we will then come over to meet with you in your country.

For your assistance you will get 10% of the total fund and 5% will be for 
expenses, while the balance 85% will be for my family.

We are soliciting for your assistance due to my inability as a refugee to 
operate an account with huge amount of money.

I genuinely solicit that you kindly help me and my family transfer this Fund to 
your country and we are relying heavily on you to help us.

Note that you will also assist us to come over to your country as soon as you 
claim the fund. We also intend to invest part of our share into a profitable 
business in your country under your supervision.

Also Keep this transaction secret and confidential as the lives of my family is 
at stake in south Africa.

Kindly contact me immedaitely so that i can funish you with the necessary 
information before we proceed.

Kind regards,

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