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Upgrading Debian Linux

From: Kerima Karam
Subject: Upgrading Debian Linux
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 11:22:56 -0400

My current distribution of Linux (Debian 2.1.16) doesn't seem to support my Zoom ISA modem (model 2919L), HP Deskjet printer (model 842C), or Sound Blaster ISA sound card (model 16 wave -AWE).  Furthermore it hasn't autoconfiged for the 3.5" floppy drive.
Although I have quite a bit of experience with the Windows PC environment, I am a "newbie" to Linux.  I am, therefore, seeking some direction in the who and how of possible helpful resources.  From the documentation on the manufacturers' web sites, it seems that the Linux kernel and possibly Ghostscript have to be updated to a more recent version in order to get the modem and printer to work.  The questions are:
(1) Under the GNU GPL for Ghostscript 7.06, how do I identify which files I need to download for Linux?
(2) Where can I find documentation on the steps to actually implement the update(s) after I have downloaded the necessary file(s).  Do any of the files have to be compiled/recompiled as part of the update process? 
(3) What advantage, if any, would be gained by upgrading to the newer version of the Operating System (Debian 3.0) instead of just updating these two major components?
(4) Would upgrading to the new version of the OS inherently mean that you also be using the newer version of the desktop (KDE or GNOME)?  Is there documentation on the new features/enhancements provided by the newer version?
(5) Does the standard version of the Official GNU Linux distribution release contain the C/C++ compiler as well as  Perl and other UNIX tools?
(6) What is the approximate minimum download size of all the files necessary to get the above hardware (modem and printer) to be configured and working?
(7) Can all of the above upgrades/updates be implemented using the Updater utility or is it more practical to scrap the current install and load the newer version from "scratch"? 
(8) Which is the best User Group to address these and other "newbie" type of questions?
CPU: AMD K6-II 500Mhz
Mainboard: TYAN Trinity 100AT S1590S (supports AGP 2X, USB 1.2, UDMA 33, Front/Side 100Mhz, PC-100)
Memory: 2 x 128 MB PC-100 SDRAM
Video: Matrox Millennium G400 (AGP) w 16MB
Audio: SoundBlaster 16 wave 
HD: Western Digital 40Gig 72000 rpm
CD-ROM: Mitsubishi 52X
FD: 3.5"
Modem: Zoom 56K Dualmode Voice Faxmodem 2919L (ISA)
ISA Card #1: Dual Parallel Port
ISA Card  #2: Dual Game Port
Monitor: 17" Mag Innovision
Scanner: Logitech PageScan Color
Multi-boot OS under System Commander 2000:
Partition #1
Windows 3.11
DOS 6.22
Partition #2
Windows 98SE
Partition #3
Windows 98SE
Extended Partition
Debian 2.2.16 (Linux)
--- Wayne Reid
--- EarthLink: The #1 provider of the Real Internet.

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