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Custom Made Computers - Information on OTB Computers, guaranteed to be l

From: OTB Computers
Subject: Custom Made Computers - Information on OTB Computers, guaranteed to be lower price than any highstreet store. We have no overheads!
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2003 19:23:11 -0000

Dear Sir or Madam,

OTB Computers specialise in making custom computers, to suit your exact needs. 
This also means that you will not pay for components you will not need. We also 
take pride in our 12 month warranty, and lifetime technical support, something 
which no other computer manufacturer offers.
We are based in Bristol (Ocho Rios, Beacon Lane, Winterbourne, Bristol, BS36 
1JU) and can also do upgrades, repairs, and peripherals to add on to your 
existing computer. Infact, there is very little that we cannot do for you when 
it comes to keeping you and your computer happy.

Now is probably the best time to buy one of our machines, because of this tax 
An example of one of our machines is a 1Ghz Processor, 128Mb of Memory, a 40Gb 
Hard Drive, a 17" Monitor, Network Card, Sound Card, Speakers, Graphics Card, 
Keyboard and Mouse all for only £320! That's no joke! This is also covered by 
our 12 Month warranty (3 years on the monitor) and our lifetime technical 

Payment is supported using a number of methods, either Cash, Cheque, Credit 
Card, or Debit Card. We use the well known PayPal service for our online credit 
card transactions, which is 100% secure against any fraud, we've yet to have 
any troubles with them.

For more information about our computers, to speak to some of our very happy 
customers, or for a quote please call me, or e-mail me back.
You can reach me on 01454 778609 or 07732 446718.

Our website is currently heavily under construction, but you can visit it on for the meantime.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Kind Regards,
Imanuel Votteler
OTB Computers

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