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Help finding proper Bug email list

From: Leonard P. Wesley
Subject: Help finding proper Bug email list
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 09:03:21 -0700


To what  GNU  Bug  email list should I send the following

Len Wesley
 I am running Irix 6.5.14  on a SGI  O2.  and  version 3.75 of  gmake
and version 3.0.1 of gcc/g++

The version of  libg2c that normally comes with a binary
distribution of gcc/g++ is  static. I need to generate a
shared version of  libg2c.a  so I am trying to compile the
source of GNU gcc version 3.0.x on the referenced system.

 I ran  configure on the SG with the following options

 configure --prefix=/usr/people/lwesley/gnu_build
 --enable-shared --enable-cpp

 I do not receive any error messages or anything unusual from the configure

 I then did gmake  and encountered a number of make failures because
 of targets that could not be made due to missing files. Some of these
 targets I do not need in order to get to the creation of the libg2c.a
 file that I ultimately want.

 In any case, shortly after the  libgcc.a  file is created   gmake
 seems to be going through a  configuration check and then
bombs out with an error  message that says I need to upgrade
to gcc 3.0, when in fact ai am already using  version 3.0.1  of  gcc.
I cannot seem to get around this and need > another
pair of eyes to help me sort through all of this

 Any suggestions/hints?   Would setting you up an account and logging in
 help you understand the problem?

 Thanks for your response,
 --Len Wesley

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