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your kind attention

From: lady marry
Subject: your kind attention
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 09:13:33 -0500



I am mrs.marriam Abacha, the wife to the late Head of
State, of the federal Republic of Nigeria from 1993 -
1998 - General Sani Abacha.  My late husband made a lot of money asthe Head of 
state of Nigeria for 5years.  He has different accounts in many banks of the 
world.  He has not left any stone unturned in accruing riches for his family.

The present democratic government of Nigeria led by
President (Gen. (Rtd)) Olusegun Obasanjo has not find favour with myfamily 
since their inception.       This may be as a result of his hatred for my late 
husband who kept him in jail for over two years for a coup attempt, before the 
death of my father.  He was
released immediately my husband died and he was later made the present 
President.  He has confiscated and frozen all my family account in Nigeria and 
some other American, Europe and Asian continents, It has been in both the local 
and international news.

 Presently my son mohammed Abacha has been languishing in different prison 
centers in Nigeria for a case against his father which he knows nothing about.
Now, my purpose of all these introduction and proposal
is just seeking for your candid assistance in saving
this sum 0f $50.8.000,000.00 USD [FIFTY.EIGHT MILLION.DOLLARS]which my late
husband had hidden from the Nigerian govt.during his regime. and which is 
presently somewhere in a financial and security company outside the entire 

Nigeria and West African region. This is a huge sum of money, I cannot trust 
much on mostsaboteur friends of myfamily in Nigeria who could not be trusted.
I got your contact through our trade mission .
I deemed it necessary to contact you for this trustworthy transaction.  All 
whom I needed is a sincere, honest, trustworthy andGod-fearing
individuals whom my mind will absolve to help me in this deal.If you have 
feelings about my situation, don't hesitate to stand for me.

If my proposal  is sudden to you, all I need now is for you to stand as the 
Beneficiary of this money  to claim it and save for me.     There is no 
difficulty, I will send your name as the recipient as well as the beneficiary 
of the money.On your identification and confirmation
from me, the fund will be handle  to you. all i need is

your confirmention of williness and i will give you the full details.You will 
be compensated with 25% of the total fund for all your efforts to keep and has 
maped out 5% for expences that may occur in this transaction.provided this fund 
is  save for me for your account in your country.
Please this is a very serious matter, it is a save my
soul request from you and I will be delighted too much
to receive a positive response from you in order to
move into action.  I will give you details on request from you.




_________________________________________________________  Gratuito, latino y en espaƱol.

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