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Business information request

From: marketing
Subject: Business information request
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 00:48:08 +0200

Good morning,

For The 2003 spring edition of The Virtual Fair of Romania please send us some business information about your
new products.
This information will be presented to all the participants of this fair
and the to 26.000 Romanian companies listed in our database.

Attend the only Virtual Fair in Eastern
Europe, you will benefit of the most efficient on-line marketing

     - designing or updating your  site that includes
     databases(it's FREE)
     - posting your banner on the Fair's pages
     - hosting your business catalogues
     - finding local distributors  and partners
     - business opportunities
     - information about  Romanian potential business partners
     (financial credibility,administrative situation,stocks,etc)

We are also looking for a partnership to develop a local  Virtual
Fair, containing business databases, similar to the ones in
This local Fair is to be directly connected to the Romanian Fair
developed by our agency.

We look forward for your reply,
Best regards

Radu Tenea 
General Manager

9,Pandele Rosca street, Bucharest-Romania
Tel/fax : 00421.336.60.43 / 004745.906.722
E-mail :
The information and the business opportunities we presented, the on-line 
marketing instruments promoted at the Romanian Virtual Fair, are adressed only to the companies interested in 
finding new clients, optimising their activity, obtaining lower costs per 
If u r not such a company, please acces: and your address 
will be removed from the database in short time.

reply via email to

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