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Re: 'GNU tools' versions and upgrades

From: David T-G
Subject: Re: 'GNU tools' versions and upgrades
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 13:16:48 -0500
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Paul, et al --

...and then Paul Jarc said...
% David T-G <address@hidden> wrote:
% > Has someone already invented the wheel of maintaining software
% > development tools so that the current version (eg gcc/egcs) is
% This can be done by installing each version of each package with its

Yeah, I had figured that ...

% own directory prefix.  I think GNU stow does that.  There's also the

... but, oooh, I hadn't noticed stow when grepping through the software
directory.  I'll check it out.

% slashpackage project: <URL:>

Oh, cool.  And it comes from Dan; how nice :-)

% I've installed several existing packages in slashpackage style:
% <URL:>

Thanks; I'll check it out for examples.

% paul

Thanks a bunch!

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