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Re: Frogwares game developer

From: Wael Amr / Frogwares / CEO
Subject: Re: Frogwares game developer
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 12:34:55 +0300

FROGWARES ltd proposes graphics creation and game development outsourcing projects to game studios. All projects are done branch office in Kiev, Ukraine.

is a partner of "TBOT interactive" company based in France. We are working together on several projects as well for graphics creation and software development.
  • Excellent art and technical skills of our teams under French management.
  • Optimal budget and time management
  • Reactivity and experience
  • Real time production controlling by client and use of milestones for product delivery
  • Save up to 50%


Production stages:

- contacting: reception of specification
- estimation in days/men of production, establishing of budget and delivery planning
- contract signing and start of production
- delivery of milestones
- validation
- payment

Production samples:

3D real time


3D high polygonal


2D, preproduction



Frogwares Ukraine
tel/fax : +380 44 495 25 46

Wael Amr, CEO : address@hidden
Pascal Ensenat, Project Manager : address@hidden

Contact in France :

T-Bot interactive

tel : +33 1 53 19 86 61

Anne-Béatrice Bérenguer , Project Manager : address@hidden


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