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Sell now your merchandise on the Virtual Fair of Romania - www.SmartMark

From: Xaradu - Internet Marketing and Advertising Agency
Subject: Sell now your merchandise on the Virtual Fair of Romania -
Date: J, 14 mar 2002 22:51:23

Dear Sirs,

Our Agency has launched the Virtual Fair of Romania at and intends to invite you to develop 
business in this new market of Romania. The fair's sections are: tourism, 
electronics & IT, entertainment, cars & motorcycles, construction, services, 
arts, fashion, house, health, industry, ensurance, your child, second-hand, 
finance & banks, food stuff.
By your simple presence at this virtual fair you will be able to use the most 
efficient marketing tools to your own benefit. This way you will also gain 
access to the databases we are offering to all our clients in order for them to 
easily establish commercial relationships with the least costs. 
All these tools are classic but new on the virtual market and we put them to 
your disposal, arranged in a very original way so that to match the real market 
        Opening virtual stalls,
        Drawing up marketing forms, 
        Presenting some questionnaires about the products which can be used by 
your marketing service in order to establish the best marketing strategy, 
        Organizing promotional contests, 
        Broadcasting commercials, 
        Organizing sampling actions,
        Presenting catalogues containing your products, 
        Announcing available jobs in your company,
        Founding clubs for your loyal clients,
        Promoting your products on the Romanian market,   
        Organizing on-line events in Romania,
        Mediating press statements,
        Sending promotional e-mails,
        Designing sites for Romanian market,
        Facilitating collaboration with Romanian partners,

All these listed above should be a part of your marketing strategy, adapting it 
to the market's dynamic requests. 
You should consider very careful the Internet market and it's potential, 
because it is a very dynamical market, which may bring you new opportunities 
and clients. 
By your presence on we guarantee you direct 
connections with your clients, business partners and potential partners who 
will visit your company's web page. 

For any other information you may contact us at address@hidden

Yours truly, 

Radu Tenea
General Manager

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