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Japanese Language Support

From: Naveen Jain
Subject: Japanese Language Support
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 11:19:17 +0530

OS:-   WINNT 4.0 , AIX  4.3.3
Language :-   English on NT and AIX

I am using Telnet on my NT m/c to connect to  AIX (RS6000) server.

I am getting problem in entering Japanese  characters in the vi editor on the console.

I can input English characters but not Japanese  characters.
I dont know what minimum addtional software i need like gnu-emacs or Mule so that I can input Japanese chars in the editor for AIX 4.3.3.
Also the site where it can be downloaded from.

I even tried with one software NJSTAR  Communicator running on my NT m/c to
input Japanese characters but No  luck......

although I can do such thing in Notepad with  this tool....

What do I do consider this as urgent and  reply as I am really in a

Thanks & Regards
Naveen Jain   

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