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glibc, sunrpc, and pthreads

From: Dima Brodsky
Subject: glibc, sunrpc, and pthreads
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002 15:08:41 -0800
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I am having some problems initializing the sunrpc subsystem in glibc
so that multiple threads can process client requests concurrently.
I am trying to build a multi-threaded server that clients talk to
via sunrpc and I don't want slow clients retarding fast clients.
Ideally I would like each client request to be handled by a thread.

I would be happy with either one thread listening and passing
requests to other threads of having a pool of threads all listen
and pick up requests as they come in.

I am not able to have any rpc context span multiple threads, is
that possible?  Or what is the correct approach??


Dima Brodsky                                   address@hidden
201-2366 Main Mall                             (604) 822-9156 (Office)
Department of Computer Science                 (604) 822-2895 (DSG Lab)
University of British Columbia, Canada         (604) 822-5485 (FAX)

"The price of reliability is the pursuit of the utmost simplicity.
 It is a price which the very rich find the most hard to pay."
                                                  (Sir Antony Hoare, 1980)

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