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diffs and patches

From: Siders, Keith
Subject: diffs and patches
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2001 16:21:11 -0500


I've been trying to find online documentation on creating patches. I assume
it works by using the diff utllity, but was hoping to find a how-to file
describing how to generate a patch file. Specifically I have patches to the
Linux 2.2.19 kernel for a Toshiba MIPS processor board. I have produced the
diffs to determine where the patches were done to the kernel for this
particular CPU and board. I need to merge the requried code changes into a
2.4 kernel but don't know the diff and patch creation portion of the tools.
Is there a how-to file describing the creation of the patch files and
procedures for merging those patches into a later version of the target
software, in this case the Linux kernel?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Keith Siders
Software Engineer
 Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc.
Advanced Television Technology Center
801 Royal Parkway, Suite 100
Nashville, Tennessee 37214
Phone: (615) 257-4050
Fax:   (615) 453-7880

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