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Problems on implementation of C++ codes

From: henry_fok
Subject: Problems on implementation of C++ codes
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 14:34:35 +0800


     I am an engineer in a company responsible for writing an embedded OS for
MIPS core. I have completed the OS. Currently the OS includes memory management,
GUI , File and Database systems and applications etc... and all the codes are
written in C language.

     Since we are going to improve current GUI to object-oriented GUI by
rewritting it with C++ language, therefore, I need to learn and know how to
compile the C++ source codes and interfacing the C++ with the C OS by using the

     It comes up with the following questions. Please try to advise.

     1) Does GNU support the compilation and linking of C++ codes?
     2) By using the C++ library, how can the functions 'new' or 'delete' or
'catch' in C++ language be implemented? (It is because the memory mangement of
each OS is different from others, therefore for example, how can I modifiy the
'new' function to adopt the situation?)

     Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Henry Fok

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