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timer for asciidoc

From: Gottfried
Subject: timer for asciidoc
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2023 15:08:02 +0000

Hi Jean,

thank you very much for your help.

I think I solved the problem for now.

In the "asciidoc.el" file I uncommented the last line:

;;(run-with-timer 1 3 #'rcd-asciidoctor-preview-buffer-as-html)

and therefore when opening emacs

it doesn’t give me this error message:
desktop file is running, it may be dangerous to...

because you said anyway:
only when I need the timer I should run it.

;; Though I would not recommend putting this in init.el as that is
;; too many times preview. It is better turning on and off the timer
;; function only when you need it.
;;(run-with-timer 1 3 #'rcd-asciidoctor-preview-buffer-as-html)

Kind regards


Then I could invoke it as command:

M-x toggle-markdown-preview

and then timer toggles, it turns on or turns off.
Then you could hold your variable with the timer and timer function in separate 
file, it need not be init.el and you load it when you need it.


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