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Re: pandoc-mode /Asciidoc

From: Gottfried
Subject: Re: pandoc-mode /Asciidoc
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2023 18:06:15 +0000

Hi Jean,

now I when opening Emacs I am getting this message:

Warning: desktop file appears to be in use by process with PID 10234.
Using it may cause conflicts if that process still runs.
Use desktop file anyway? (y or n)

Error running timer ‘rcd-asciidoctor-preview-buffer-as-html’: (text-read-only) 
[187 times]

I was checking the PID with:

ps -fp 10234

and I am getting this message:


Interestingly in htop this PID doesn’t show up. I don’t know why.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

Kind regards


It is better that you create some files where you put functions you
need, instead of putting everything in init.el

You can create asciidoc.el file and put inside what is for
Asciidoc. Similar for markdown.

Then in init.el you can put:

(load "markdown.el")
(load "asciidoc.el")

If your files are in some directory /my/directory, then you make sure
that Emacs can find them, to load them.

(add-to-path 'load-path "/my/directory")
(load "markdown.el")
(load "asciidoc.el")

or once you have this setting in init.el:
(add-to-path 'load-path "/my/directory")

and you have got all your other files in that directory, you can load
files when you need by using M-: (load-file "markdown")
or by using `l' in Dired directory, or M-x load-file

Even better is if you use packages or learn how to make them. That
will be most beneficial.

And about setting up timers, I would rather set them up this way:

;; following is mimicing (run-with-timer SECS REPEAT FUNCTION &rest ARGS)
;; by using the variable storing the values
(defvar my-timer '(1 5 my-function))

Then I could have this function to simply toggle the timer:

(defun rcd-toggle-timer (symbol)
  "Toggle global SYMBOL timer as TRUE or FALSE."
  (cond ((boundp symbol)
         (cond ((and (nth 3 (symbol-value symbol))
                     (timerp (nth 3 (symbol-value symbol))))
                (cancel-timer (nth 3 (symbol-value symbol)))
                (setf (symbol-value symbol)
                      (list (nth 0 (symbol-value symbol))
                            (nth 1 (symbol-value symbol))
                            (nth 2 (symbol-value symbol)))))
               ((and (not (nth 3 (symbol-value symbol)))
                     (nth 2 (symbol-value symbol)))
                (setf (symbol-value symbol)
(list (nth 0 (symbol-value symbol))
                       (nth 1 (symbol-value symbol))
                       (nth 2 (symbol-value symbol))
(run-with-timer (nth 0 (symbol-value symbol))
                        (nth 1 (symbol-value symbol))
                        (nth 2 (symbol-value symbol))))))
               (t (message "Could not set up timer `%s'" symbol)))
         (symbol-value symbol))
        (t (user-error "Cannot setup timer `%s'" symbol))))

And then I apply the function:

(rcd-toggle-timer 'my-timer)

Then for automatic preview:

(defvar my-timer '(1 5 my-preview-function))

(defun toggle-markdown-preview ()
  (rcd-toggle-timer 'my-timer))

Then I could invoke it as command:

M-x toggle-markdown-preview

and then timer toggles, it turns on or turns off.
Then you could hold your variable with the timer and timer function in separate 
file, it need not be init.el and you load it when you need it.


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Am 26.02.23 um 17:50 schrieb Jean Louis:
* Gottfried <> [2023-02-26 19:07]:
Your help solved my problem and I have learned a lot through your

This error means emacs cannot find the "add-to-path" function.  Maybe
you want "add-to-list"?

That was my mistake. Maybe I should make alias function `add-to-path'

(defun add-to-path (path)
   (add-to-list 'load-path (expand-file-name path)))


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