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Re: Select/highlight and *copy* matches of some regex

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: Select/highlight and *copy* matches of some regex
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2022 08:05:05 +0200
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Joost Kremers wrote:

>> I wonder if you can use C-u M-s o for the job. I did C-u
>> M-s o lang=.. then it produced a buffer with the contents
>>   lang=en
>>   lang=de
>>   lang=fr
>>   lang=pt
> Yes, that works, even from within isearch. Thanks!

Hold your horses ...

(occur "lang=[-[:alnum:]]+")

  lang=mas     Masai                                  language       
  lang=fr-CA   French as used in Canada               language+region
  lang=es-419  Spanish as used in Latin America       language+region
  lang=zh-Hans Chinese written with Simplified script language+script [1]

Notable software from the French speaking Canadians include,
according to the COMP-HIST file:

  BASICOIS - French BASIC dialect/translation, probably from Quebec [2]

(It's only "Québec" in French.)

Anyone knows when, even approximately so, this software was
written and distributed?



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