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Re: Emacs freezes again when I try to open a file including only one ver

From: Hongyi Zhao
Subject: Re: Emacs freezes again when I try to open a file including only one very long line.
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2022 08:38:00 +0800

On Thu, Jun 30, 2022 at 12:07 AM Eli Zaretskii <> wrote:
> > From: Hongyi Zhao <>
> > Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2022 22:30:47 +0800
> > Cc: help-gnu-emacs <>
> >
> > OK. Let me take a concrete result as an example. If I search
> > `|isgroup|', then VSCode will give the only result immediately as
> > shown in the attached file. Now, how can I achieve this in Emacs?
> Maybe you can't, it depends on how deep into the file that match is
> and how fast is your system (if it's very fast, try enlarging the
> value of max-redisplay-ticks).

I tried with the following value, and Emacs really does the trick, as
shown in the attached file:

(setq max-redisplay-ticks 100000000)

However, in this case, the delay between input and display in
minibuffer is very large.

> But you are asking questions that are not relevant to what this
> feature does.  This feature prevents Emacs from freezing when you
> visit such files.  That is all it does.  As I tried explaining several
> times already.


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