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Is there a command to auto-purge old eln-cache files?

From: Kaushal Modi
Subject: Is there a command to auto-purge old eln-cache files?
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2022 16:33:58 -0400


I routinely update my emacs build from git and over time, and so I
collect hundreds of MBs of eln-cache files. Just looking at the
eln-cache dir names, it's not very evident which one is the latest one
(especially, from a tool call ncdu, I cannot tell which directories
should be safe to delete).

You can find the screenshot of what I see in ncdu attached.

So that made me wonder if there's already an emacs-lisp function to
purge old eln caches, and I am not aware?

What's the recommended way to keep the eln-cache the lightest and
containing only the directory corresponding to the last emacs build?


Kaushal Modi

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