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Re: completing-read depricated initial-input

From: Emanuel Berg
Subject: Re: completing-read depricated initial-input
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2022 04:17:37 +0200
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Tassilo Horn wrote:

>> (let ((name "Danger"))
>>   (read-string (format-prompt "Name" name) nil nil name))
> Nice!

Actually no, try to replace existing code with that ... It's
the two occurrences of name (above) that makes it clumsy
and ugly.

Also this is not needed functionally, it's logical that it
isn't but as an example see for example `read-number' which
already does this for you. Eval this:

  (read-number "pills/day: "  4)

S0 why not `read-string' as well?

However - one can do one's own function for that ...

(defun read-string-1 (ps &optional def hist)
  (setq ps (format-prompt ps def))
  (read-string ps nil hist def))
(read-string-1 "name" "Danger")

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