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In Emacs 27.2, list-matching-lines doesn't seem to respect case-fold-sea

From: MBR
Subject: In Emacs 27.2, list-matching-lines doesn't seem to respect case-fold-search
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2022 11:00:56 -0400
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A year or two ago I replaced my old MacBook with a new one, so I had to reinstall Emacs.  I'd been running Emacs 24.3.1 on the old laptop.  The latest stable version at the time I put the new one into service was Emacs 27.2, so I installed that on my new computer.  Ever since then, several bits of basic Emacs functionality that I regularly depend on have changed or stopped working properly, or are now exhibiting undesired behavior.  (E.G. toggle-read-only-mode stopped working, and I only just discovered that that's because it was renamed to read-only-mode. I really don't understand why toggle-read-only-mode couldn't have been retained as an alias for read-only-mode, just like delete-non-matching-lines was turned into an alias when that function was renamed to keep-matching-lines.  But that's not the question I'm seeking an answer to with this post.)

The really annoying change that I'm asking about today has to do with the variable case-fold-search and the function list-matching-lines. In all previous versions of Emacs, going back to at least the early '90s, setting case-fold-search to either tor nil affected the case sensitivity of all the search functionality I regularly use, which includes:

         * isearch-forward(bound to C-s),
         * isearch-forward-regexp(bound to M-C-s),
         * query-replace(bound to M-%),
         * query-replace-regexp,
         * list-matching-lines,
         * delete-matching-lines, and
         * delete-non-matching-lines

But now, setting case-fold-searchdoesn't affect the case sensitivity of list-matching-lines, even though it still affects all the other search functions I listed above.

Does anyone here have any idea why list-matching-lines no longer does a case-insensitive search when case-fold-searchis set to t?

       Mark Rosenthal <>

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